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Having placed millions of dollars in radio and media spots for Tony Robbins and Chet Holmes Business Breakthroughs company, I know what works and what doesn’t. Don’t waste money on phone leads, use our experience to guide you.

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We leave no dead end in your lead flow process, we find profits you don’t even know about, we build programs for you to sell your own products. We are your “Profits Swat Team!”

Maximize Your Live Media
We make sure every incoming lead gets sold something or we educate them until they do. Our expertise is in radio lead conversion direct to telephone or web. Don’t decide your media spending is under performing unit you talk to us.


In 1985 I had founded Timeslips Corp and within 5 years it had become the largest time tracking software company at the time. Business was going great! The only problem was that we were doing so well, that our success was about to strangle
us. Why?


Everyone knows what a lead costs them to obtain. Right? Yet, few people know the value of a lead that’s been lost. Some would say “it is the same value” but that would be wrong. In fact, it could be FAR higher.


It’s the application of a small force to control a large force. Like using a large set of bolt cutters, to crack a very small, very hard bolt. It’s easy when you have leverage. In life, it’s using a small effort or a series of small efforts to create a larger outcome.