About Us

FlameaThon is a consulting company started by Mitch Russo, the former CEO of Tony Robbins and Chet Holmes Business Breakthroughs, International.  Before running Business Breakthroughs, Mr. Russo founded Timeslips Corp which sold to the SAGE, plc in 1998. Since then, Mr. Russo has been involved in several successful companies including venture-backed web startups, software companies and as a consultant to other successful businesses.

Getting leads is only part of the job, monetizing and maximizing each lead is where our experience lies.

Mr. Russo has assembled the FlameaThon team from the same people who scaled Business Breakthroughs as it grew to over 200 people.

Mr. Russo spent millions of dollars in radio & TV advertising over 4 years, running the entire marketing and advertising operation for Business Breakthroughs. Mr. Russo and his team pioneered ways to maximize lead flow from live media.

FlameaThon is a group of experienced, dedicated professionals with over 100 years of collective experience building, growing and starting up divisions for our clients. Our staff specializes in specific practice areas such as:

  • Radio marketing and lead management strategy
  • Sales script creation
  • Webinar management
  • Technology assessment and deployment
  • Recruiting entire sales force divisions
  • Compensation plans for sales teams
  • Affiliate relationship management
  • Virtual phone system planning, deployment and provisioning
  • Web site creation, development of content and marketing
  • Search engine optimization
  • Expert Network Creation – Virtualization of your sales and customer service operation

With new tools and technology available today, our systems are even more efficient and cost effective than before.

To conduct a needs analysis for your company, please contact us.